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A teeny-tiny dwarf

A fairy tale by Pia Borchert Samperi (7a)

Once upon a time there was a teeny-tiny dwarf. He lived together with all the other dwarfs and giants in a big village. In this village a person’s size was vitally important. And the teeny-tiny dwarf was the smallest of all the dwarfs. The dwarfs had been the servants of the giants for more than 100 years and they had to serve the giants all the time. The dwarfs feared the giants because if one of the dwarfs didn’t do what the giants said, he would be sent to the dwarfs‘ prison.

One day, the teeny-tiny dwarf was cleanig the shoes of a giant, when the giant said:“I’m hungry. Bring me an apple!”
“Well, I would “, said the dwarf, “but we haven’t got apples.” The giant was angry. “What? We haven’t got apples? So you will have to get one!“
“But I don’t know where I can find one.“, said the frightened dwarf. “Near the cave of the dragon, there is an apple tree. Take one from there!“, said the giant. Now the dwarf was very afraid. “But the dragon can get and eat me!“
“Yes, I know, but you must go!“, answered the giant. And then, the teeny-tiny dwarf did something, that changed anything. “No!“, answered the dwarf loudly. “Pardon? Do you disagree with me?“, asked the giant angrily. “Yes! It’s too dangerous for me!“, said the teeny-tiny dwarf. Now the giant was furious. “But you have to! If you don’t do it, you will go to prison!“ Then the teeny-tiny dwarf became really angry and he did something which a dwarf had never done before: “No! That’s so unfair! Tell me, why the dwarfs have to do everything the giants say! Why don’t the giants do things for us? We also can give you orders and put you in prisons if you don’t do what we say! It’s not fair that we have to do everything for you, only because we’re smaller!“ The giant was shocked. All the time he had thougt that it was normal, that the dwarfs did everything, but now he knew better. “You’re right! It’s unfair! All the time you must slog for us, only because you’re smaller. This has to change!“, said the giant. Since that day, all the dwarfs and giants lived peacefully and democratically together, no matter how small or big someone was, because the teeny-tiny dwarf had proved that size is not important. And then they lived happily ever after.

Pia Borchert Samperi, 7a


My Christmas - texts written for our US American partner school (7a)

My Christmas (written by Tan)

We celebrate Christmas Eve with my uncle, my aunt and my cousins.We eat raclette with sausages and vegetables like cucumber, carrots and mushrooms and raclette cheese. When we have finished, we go to the Christmas tree and open the presents. This is always very funny and exciting.On December 25, we are sometimes invited by our friends or they visit us at our home. The we eat special meals from Spain, Greece or Turkey.

My Christmas (written by Vico)

On Christmas Eve, my family and I go to church, where we watch the nativity story. When we come home, the presents are under the Christmas tree. We eat typical Christmas food, goose or duck with dumplings, red cabbage and gravy. For dessert we have cake with custard of chocolate pudding with fruit.On Christmas Day, I am at my grandparents`. My grandmother serves goose with dumplings and gravy every year. For dessert we have apple cake which is very yummy. Then we talk about the year that has gone by and have fun.

Christmas (written by Isabel)

On Christmas Eve, my father and I go to my grandparents where we eat beetroot soup and then open our presents. On December 27, my mother`s friends from Norway and Switzerland come to visit us.

We usually make pizza and the guests all bring something delicious.





Christmas (written by Alexa)


On Christmas Eve, I am at home with my family. We eat goose with dumplings, red cabbage and gravy. After dinner, we open our gifts which are always great.

On Christmas Day, I am at home with my friends. We eat duck with dumplings, red cabbage and fried egg. And after dinner we sing and dance until late at night.





My name is Kimi. I am 12 years old and a student at Willi-Graf Grammar School. I am going to tell you what my family and I do and eat at Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, my family comes together at our home and we have goose with dumplings, gravy and meat. In the living room, there is a big Christmas tree. We have candles on the tables and the room is festively decorated. On Christmas Day, my grandma and uncle come over again. We eat cookies, and after lunch, we take a walk outside. Afterwards, we have coffee and cake.



The end of Ramadan (written by Emre)


We do not celebrate Christmas, but the end of Ramadan which is our fasting period. A lot of friend and our whole family come for a visit. Usually, we eat baklava which s a Turkish dessert and it consists of a special pastry, nuts and sugar. Either our guests bring it or we make it on our own.



Our Christmas meals (written by Uma)


On Christmas Eve, we often have raclette. Before dinner starts, we usually unwrap our presents. We eat our raclette with cheese, meat, onions, vegetables and other delicious things.

On Christmas Day, we eat chicken legs with dumplings, gravy and vegetables. We always have a yummy dessert like flummery or cake or other tasty things like cookies or gingerbread.



My Christmas (written by Viktoria)


On Christmas Eve, we usually go to church. After that, my mum and dad, my sister and I go home where the presents are lying under the Christmas tree and so we open them. Then we always have raclette, which has been a family tradition since my mom was a child.

On Christmas Day, my whole family (all those who live in Berlin) comes together. My uncle works as a cook, so it is him who prepares goose and duck for us. That`s very delicious.



Our Christmas meals (written by Anika)


On Christmas eat we have raclette with bread and salad. The family comes over and in the evening, there are presents for my brothers, my sister and me.

On Christmas Day we eat goose with dumplings and red cabbage.


My Christmas (written by Marvin)


On Christmas Eve we have a big Christmas tree. In the morning, my mother, father, brother sister and I go to church. When we come back we eat chicken soup together with my grandfather who also lives in our house. When it gets dark, the door bell rings and all the presents for the kids are waiting for us in front of the door outside in a huge bag. We take them upstairs and put them next to the Christmas tree. Then the rest of the family arrives and we have a big dinner, usually duck or goose. Afterwards, we finally open our presents.

On Christmas Day we often eat beef roulades.

This is our Christmas.



Our Christmas meals (written by Vincent)


On Christmas Eve my whole family comes together and we eat duck or sausages with potato salad.

On Christmas Day, I go to my grandparents and we eat dumplings, red cabbage and gravy.



My Christmas (written by Canel)


On Christmas Eve, my grandmother comes to us to stay overnight. When she is here, we prepare the meal: goose, dumplings and red cabbage. This is all so delicious. Sometimes we go to church where I can meet my friends. After that, we go home, wrap up the presents and put them under the Christmas tree. We then make ourselves comfortable on the sofa. I am all excited by now. First, I give my presents to my mom and dad, and then it is Grandma`s turn. When they all have their presents, I can open my own. Before I play with my new toys, we take pictures and talk. I go to bed quite late.

On Christmas Day, the four of us go to my grandmother`s sister. This is always fun. My mom`s cousin and her son are there, too. We eat duck legs. When we have finished, we play funny games until we go home.


Christmas Eve (written by Joshua)


On Christmas Eve we always go to church where we attend a very nice service. At home, we have duck with gravy and several side dishes. Then we open the gifts and are happy about spending a pleasant evening together.


Christmas and food (written by Mathis)


On Christmas Eve, my grandparents join my parents, my two little sisters and me. In the evening, we eat meat, sausages, red cabbage and dumplings. This is really tasty.

On Christmas Day we either have goose with potatoes and various vegetables or we go to a restaurant together with my grandparents, my aunts and my uncles.

On December 26, we go to my grandparents and eat pork there. The whole family comes together. This is always fun.


Our Christmas meals (written by Nora)


On Christmas Eve, we always eat Asian food, which we prepare on our own.

We use rice, lettuce, chicken breast, curry sauce, carrots, peppers and peanuts.

Of course, we always use chopsticks.

On Christmas Day, we go to my grandmother`s where we meet the whole family. My granny always prepares traditional Christmas food like turkey with red cabbage, potato dumplings and gravy. For dessert we have apple pie with custard and chocolate sauce.



Our Christmas (written by Ana)                                                                


On Christmas Eve, my parents, my sister and I go to my grandma`s house. There we meet my other grandparents and my aunt, First, we eat typical Christmas cookies and drink coffee or tea. Then we go into the Christmas room and unwrap our presents. After that we have our traditional Christmas dinner, which is raclette and fondue with beef and pork. For dessert we have flummery with raspberries.

On Christmas Day, we go to my grandpa`s house. There we meet my uncle with his wife and his son. We get our presents and sing some Christmas carols. Afterwards, we go to the dining room and eat turkey with potatoes or dumplings, red cabbage and apple puree. For dessert we have red fruit jelly with custard. Before we go home, we get a plate with lots of Christmas sweets.



My Christmas (written by Annalena)


In the afternoon on Christmas Eve, my grandparents arrive in order to celebrate with us. We then have coffee, hot chocolate and cake. When it is getting dark outside, my parents, my grandparents, my brother and I open our gifts. Then we have time to play with our new things. For dinner we eat sausages and potato salad. My grandparents always stay over night.

On Christmas Day, we do not eat breakfast, because for lunch we have a big turkey with red cabbage and dumplings. In the afternoon, my grandparents go home.



My Christmas (written by Fatma)


Here is how my parents, my sister, my brother, my uncle and I celebrate Christmas. We decorate our house and make a special cake every year. It is called “Bûche de Noël”, a traditional French Christmas cake. We do not have a traditional Christmas meal. But we often eat something with meat and potatoes. And we often bake delicious cookies. In the evening, we get our presents, but before we open them, we have dinner with the tasty cake for dessert. We always take nice photos. At last, we call our family in Lebanon.


My Christmas (written by Malin)


On Christmas Eve, my grandparents usually come to our house and then we eat cookies. For dinner we have vol-au-vent with a salad, which is very yummy.

On Christmas Day, we visit friends who offer some kind of meat for dinner.

My Christmas (written by Helena)


In the morning of Christmas Eve, I go to the kitchen to help preparing breakfast for the family. In the afternoon, my mom and I start making dinner: goose, dumplings, red cabbage and gravy. Before we eat, we go to church together with my grandparents where my uncle joins us. I sing in a choir and every year, we perform a different musical at Christmas. After the one-hour service, we go home, have dinner, play games, sing carols and afterwards we get our presents.

Then we have got time to spend with our presents before we go to bed. My grandparents and my uncle go home and my parents get some sleep, too.

On Christmas Day, we make sweets and have breakfast. In the afternoon, my grandparents arrive and we eat the leftovers from the day before or have some beef roulades. Then we play games together and go out for a walk. Sometimes we go to a Christmas market. In the evening, my grandparents go home, but my grandmother, who has travelled from a town called Bamberg to spend Christmas with us, stays overnight. Our Christmas is always nice.



Our Christmas food (written by Nina)


On Christmas Eve, my grandparents are with us. Our main course is pork wrapped in bacon. This is so delicious. For dessert we have home-made cookies or ice-cream. I really like our Christmas dinner, but there are always many leftovers, which we eat on Christmas Day. Once more, the meal is very tasty. After the main course, we finish our home-made cookies. These are our wonderful Christmas days.


My Christmas (written by Cäcilia)


On Christmas Eve, my grandparents join us and we sit and talk together. As a first course of our Christmas dinner, my mother prepares a tomato soup. Then we go out for a walk or stay at home and wait for Santa Claus. When he arrives, we get our presents and are very happy. We open them and afterwards, we eat our main course, which consists of roast pork, red cabbage, dumplings and a mushroom sauce and is really delicious. For dessert we have ice-cream.

On Christmas Day, we go to my grandpa`s together with my whole family. We have pork and potatoes and some other side dishes. For dessert we eat red fruit jelly.



Our eating habits at Christmas (written by Pia)


On Christmas Eve, we always have cheese fondue or roast duck with vegetables.

My grandmother and friends join us. For dessert we have apple crumble.

On Christmas Day, we often eat out in a restaurant or we have some meat at our house together with my grandma.





I am José. I am half Spanish and half German and that is why I sometimes celebrate Christmas in Spain, sometimes in Germany. In Spain, we meet all my Spanish relatives at my grandfather`s house. In the evening, we have a special dinner. First we have soup, then we share ham, cheese and prawns (we call these “tapas” in Spanish), and our main course is turkey. For dessert we have “turon”, a typical Spanish Christmas cake.

On Christmas Day, we meet more distant relatives at their “finca” (a big house in a rural area) where everyone can choose what they like to eat from a buffet.

In Germany, we meet our German relatives on Christmas Eve and we have raclette. On Christmas Day, we eat roast goose, which is really nice.


Christmas in Berlin - A photo competition (7a)

English Project: Immigration USA - Creating flyers, games atricles and emails (2nd semester).